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Welcome to the home page of Duke Campus Club. We are thrilled to have started some in-person events this past school year and hope that our programs and Interest Groups have excited and engaged the remarkable group of women who call Duke Campus Club home. 

After the challenges of the last two years, 
we want to reconnect with everyone as safely as possible. Given the spread of the highly communicable COVID-19 variants, as well as current community vaccination rates, all members and guests who choose to attend any in-person events must show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19, including at least one booster shot. For all our events, the use of masks is strongly encouraged, but not required.  Click here for information regarding current event participation guidelines.

For the Campus Club 2021-2022 digital brochure, click here.  For a Duke Campus Club history by Jean Bradley Anderson, click here.

Here’s to another year of friendship, discovery, and celebration in 2022-2023!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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