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Fourth Monday, 7pm
Discover gems of contemporary Southern literature.  

Discuss our latest book and identify a favorite author or two!
Read a novel each month, then discuss and share insights at the monthly meeting.  Experience a new world of Southern authors.  Happy reading!
Here are the selections for 2017-18.

We're Just Like You Only Prettier by Celia Rivenbark
A sidesplitting collection of essays, offering Northern and Southern sisters alike a woman's "take on those irksome little Yuks in daily life."

The Pleasure Was Mine by Tommy Hayes

A brilliant novel about

love, loss, marriage, and

the transformation of a

family in which an older

man cares for his wife

during her descent into


The Potlikker Papers by John T Edge

A people’s history

that reveals how

Southerners shaped

American culinary

identity and how race

relations impacted

Southern food culture

over six revolutionary


The Life and Times of Persimmon Wilson by Nancy Peacock

The epic journey of a slave-turned-Comanche warrior who travels from

the brutality of a New Orleans sugar

cane plantation to the indomitable

frontier of an untamed Texas,

searching not only for the woman

he loves but so too for his own


Sweet Potato Queens by Jill Browne

Buoyantly funny

guide to life and

love is a hoot from

the get-go as the

Sweet Potato Queens

ringleader offers

queenly observations

on life's most pressing


Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads by Paul Theroux
A travel memoir of the deep south.  Discover a region of architectural and artistic wonders, incomparable music, mouth-watering cuisine—and also some of the worst schools, medical care, housing, and unemployment rates in the nation.

Spirits of Just Men by Charles Thompson, Jr.

The story of moonshine

in 1930s America, as

seen through the

remarkable location of

Franklin County, Virginia, 

a place that many still

refer to as the "moonshine

capital of the world."

Hillbilly Elegy by J. D. Vance

A probing look at

The struggles of

America’s white

working class through

the author’s own story

of growing up in a

poor Rust Belt town.

The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett

St. Elizabeth’s, a home

for unwed mothers in

Habit, Kentucky, usually

harbors its residents for

only a little while. Not so

Rose Clinton, a beautiful, 

mysterious woman who

comes to the home pregnant

but not unwed, and stays.